Our team develops a customized plan for each client depending on their needs, goals, and objectives.

Imagine a “Dream Team” of professionals working together to greatly improve the outcome. Since the professionals work only as needed, costs are lower in comparison to an adversarial attorney driven case with separate professionals and experts for each client.

Part of my role is to advise and coordinate this “Dream Team” of professionals and monitor costs to get the results the client is looking for. It is valuable and cost-effective to have experts on hand, working together with one common goal. This team of professionals could include: 
– Attorneys
– Appraisers
– Business Evaluators 
– Child Custody Experts, etc. available if needed.What clients are looking for is emotional, financial, and legal resolution. There are a number of paths to get there.

We believe in empowering parties to define their own issues and enabling them to see and understand the other’s point of view helps them release the past and move toward a happier, brighter, and more fulfilling future. Often conflict is a stepping stone to that future.

“I care deeply about empowering my clients to work together to move beyond conflict and bring things back into balance.”