“I’d Rather Live In A Gutter”

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“I’d rather live in a gutter” is what an elderly mother once said in response to her seven adult children fighting over her rather expensive care. Money wasn’t the issue, but the conflict lived on. Mediation was ultimately the answer. However, the mother, who previously had a happy family, had to endure years of turmoil, guilt, and a fractured family that she loved so much. Dementia doesn’t protect our elders from emotional upheaval. While it is sad to watch family members decline, it is also an opportunity for the next generation to make the last years of their parents’ lives as peaceful as possible. How do we do that? • If arguments start happening, bring in a mediator sooner rather than later. Many families wait until there is litigation and that’s too late. • A family counselor can also be helpful to provide a sounding board so that all voices can be heard. In that way, it is similar to … Read More