How Do We All Get Along?

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One thing that we can all agree on is that the level of our private and public discourse has reached a low point and is unacceptable to most of us. In addition to being unpleasant, we are also not solving the critical and urgent problems facing us as a world, a nation, and often our families. One of the aspects of dealing with difficult issues is that they do need complex and diverse thinking to solve them; If they were easily solved, they wouldn’t still be with us. Many of our problems need people from different viewpoints to come together and offer their ideas with wisdom and open-mindedness to find an outcome within that synergy. How do we do this? 1. Let’s approach each person we encounter with an open mind and heart. We truly are all in this together and there probably really is more we have in common than what divides us. We want to look for what … Read More

What Bill and Melinda Did Right…

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By Tricia Morris, What did Bill and Melinda get right? Not allowing their emotions to rule their decisions, Bill and Melinda Gates seem to have finalized a competent, fast, and effective divorce. They announced their impending divorce on May 4; they had already negotiated a separation agreement. Their divorce was filed and finalized on August 2, less than three months after it was announced. Although they didn’t provide details to the public of the divorce settlement nor how it was accomplished, typically there would have been a mediated agreement. The parties most likely utilized the skills of a professional mediator, their attorneys, or a combination of both. The advantages to having a mediated agreement are many. Of utmost importance, it keeps decision-making between the couple and away from a judge. As we have seen, it allows the details of the settlement to remain private and confidential. It speeds up the process and significantly lowers costs, both emotional and financial. … Read More

6 Ways to Derail a Mediation…

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Mediation can be an extraordinary process of resolving conflicts that have been there for years. By its nature, mediation tends to be successful. Over 90% of mediation cases are successful nationwide.

Children and Divorce

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By Tricia Morris, The common thinking is that divorce is harmful to children. Many parents stay married “for the children”, not resolving their issues and not learning to deal with the conflict between them. What has come out of numerous and extensive studies is that conflict is destructive to children, whether the parents are married or divorced. By staying together and not dealing with the issues that are creating their conflict, they are harming their children much more than if they could find a way to amicably divorce and co-parent. Children are often victims of their parents’ relationship instability because mother and father are the foundation of their safety, security, and even survival. Periods of upheaval create serious anxiety and fear in the children which they aren’t equipped to handle. Periods of conflict, therefore, cause scars that can last throughout a child’s life. Professionals that work with divorcing couples are trained to be sensitive to the needs of the … Read More

Is It Legal??

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Many people do not consider Mediation seriously because they do not think that the outcome will be legal, this is a misconception. Mediation is voluntary and people are free to terminate the process if they choose to do so. People that decide to mediate, complete the process more than 90% of the time. The Parties’ willingness to resolve conflict with each other and complete the mediation process results in a final agreement that is considered a binding legal contract and is recognized by the Courts. Why is this important? Divorce and other conflict related cases are legal processes and determined by the courts. Mediation is powerful because it allows people to step outside of the conflict for a time, to resolve it creatively, and then step back into the legal system to formalize things as a legal binding agreement. Because of that, Mediation can provide the peace and security which allows people to know that a future violation by the other Party would have legal repercussions. Business agreements, parenting … Read More