Children and Divorce

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By Tricia Morris, The common thinking is that divorce is harmful to children. Many parents stay married “for the children”, not resolving their issues and not learning to deal with the conflict between them. What has come out of numerous and extensive studies is that conflict is destructive to children, whether the parents are married or divorced. By staying together and not dealing with the issues that are creating their conflict, they are harming their children much more than if they could find a way to amicably divorce and co-parent. Children are often victims of their parents’ relationship instability because mother and father are the foundation of their safety, security, and even survival. Periods of upheaval create serious anxiety and fear in the children which they aren’t equipped to handle. Periods of conflict, therefore, cause scars that can last throughout a child’s life. Professionals that work with divorcing couples are trained to be sensitive to the needs of the … Read More