As a Certified Mediator, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Practitioner, Relationship Advisor and Coach, I help move clients into their futures by assisting  with decision making and finding additional resources that can benefit people along the way.  I collaborate with Attorneys for parties using Collaborative Law to resolve disputes.  As a Neutral Financial Professional, I help clients clarify complex problems and project various financial outcomes to help with decision making.

I help people through the difficult times in their lives, through challenging life events such as divorce, business dissolution, lawsuits, and family relationship and employment conflicts.  I draw upon my experience, over 1,000 hours of training and Ho’oponopono to be a neutral and empathic listener in group meetings, mediations and negotiations.  I’m practical and help people reach mutually acceptable agreements in the most effective ways possible.  We are also active in mediating Sexual Harassment in the workplace and other types of employment cases.

I also care deeply about empowering my clients to work together to move beyond conflict and bring things back into balance. I support them in clarifying complex and difficult problems and help them find resolution in a life enhancing way.

My background in finance and as a business owner, along with my empathic nature, creates a safe environment for honest communication. Whether one is going through a divorce, the dissolution of a business partnership or other relationship or life challenges, I help in finding common ground. My Win/Win attitude promotes resolutions that fulfill , as much as possible, the interests and desires of all parties. Empowering parties to define their own issues and enabling parties to see and understand the other person’s point of view is important.  Often empowerment and recognition, pave the way for a mutually agreeable settlement.

My clients feel that they and their lives have been expanded in the process. They are able to then step into the next chapter of their lives with more peace and optimism.

I find joy and fulfillment in helping people go through this process.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be there for people and to provide them with understanding and solace from the anxiety and turmoil they can feel, when faced with major life challenges, conflicts and crises.


  • Over 1,000 hours of accredited training
  • Experienced Mediator, Dispute Resolution Advisor, Coach, Strategist
  • Strong Negotiator
  • Flexible Style
  • Facilitate meetings to allow clients to freely address the different conflicts they encounter in everyday life and find solutions
  • Facilitate negotiation and conflict resolution through dialogue
  • Excellent record of trustworthiness and neutrality
  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Strong financial background and experience
  • Ability to help the clients write an agreement and get it filed in court


“I care deeply about empowering my clients to work together to move beyond conflict and bring things back into balance”