5 Things Celebrities Can Teach Us About Divorce…

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Perhaps you have noticed, celebrities almost universally avoid courtroom drama and prefer Mediation. Why? There are a number of reasons, this article addresses just 5 of them. The driving factors depend on the interest of the individuals to achieve an amicable end goal for everyone involved.

1. CELEBRITIES GENERALLY WANT CONTROL over what information is released to the press. Private Mediations are confidential. Arguments and disagreements fought in the Court System are not Confidential. The public, neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers seek details if they are available.

2. INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE A HIGH NET WORTH often have complex financial situations. Judges and lawyers generally are not financial specialists. There can, therefore, be a high risk of an unexpected or adverse outcome. A negotiated out-of-court settlement obtained through mediation eliminates risk because both parties must agree.

3. MANY HIGH PROFILE CLIENTS usually do not like being told what to do, and that includes even being told what to do by judges. In a mediated settlement, You have the power to say “NO”. Most of us prefer to feel empowered and to retain decision-making authority.

4. MEDIATION INVOLVING CHILDREN: The Parenting Agreements that support the best interest of the child/children are achieved and are through the result of voluntary mediation. This lays the foundation for successful co-parenting after divorce because both parents contribute. Co-Parenting is essential for the future well-being of children, according to experts.

5. COST: There is no question that a thorough professional mediation will cost a fraction of a litigated divorce. Many high-net-worth clients care less about the cost than the rest of us mortals, but many do. The cost can be a factor in their choice of Mediation.

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