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The stress of going to court is well known. The emotional cost can be one’s health and the loss of any opportunity to restore the relationship with the other party. If people don’t like each other in the beginning, they often aren’t speaking by the end.


Litigation or going to court can take years and it often does. Mediation can be done immediately and at the convenience of those involved. There are no court dates to arrange and attorney’s schedules to work with. Lawyers and other professionals can be brought in as needed.

The time spent on a lengthy adversarial process is usually time away from businesses, family and friends. The cost is far beyond writing a check for legal costs.


Mediation, negotiation and collaborative law are all private. There are no court records except for those voluntarily submitted to the court for filing. For example, a mediated or negotiated agreement can be filed by the court as a legal contract if all parties agree.

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The costs of Alternate Dispute Resolution are almost always less than going to court. While almost all cases settle before trial, they usually are resolved after all the funds for discovery, experts, etc. have already been spent. We attempt to resolve disputes at the very beginning, often saving many tens of thousands of dollars.


While court proceedings deal mainly with the legal aspects of a case, mediation works with all components. The complexity of the case and the people are honored. The final resolution is much more comprehensive and deals with many aspects of human needs. Because of the process and its comprehensiveness, relationships are usually strengthened and at least somewhat amicable on the other side.


Despite the certainty of the lawyers representing clients that they have a good case, things don’t always turn out as planned. In a negotiated settlement, the parties agree to the outcome, it’s not forced on them; And, it won’t be unexpected or an unknown.


As a Nationally Certified Mediator, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® Practitioner, Relationship Advisor and Coach, I help move clients into their futures by assisting with decision making and finding additional resources that can benefit people along the way. I collaborate with Attorneys for parties using Collaborative Law to resolve disputes. As a Neutral Financial Professional, I help clients clarify complex problems and project various financial outcomes to help with decision making. Read more

“In a negotiated settlement, the parties agree to the outcome, it is not forced on them; And, it won’t be unexpected or an unknown.”